Eliminate friction in marketing & sales to drive growth.

A growth planning platform that provides the templates and tools to win.


Take the guesswork out of creating winning strategies with Playbooks.

Select from our pre-created playbooks to customize and collaborate around your plan for marketing, sales & expansion.

Growth Playbook
Persona Builder


Smart target audience planning with artificial intelligence.

Define your key audiences and then let our PersonaAi define buying factors, motivations, trends, demographics and more.


Define your brand voice & use AI to write compelling messaging.

Guided exercises to create the right voice your your company and an AI driven message library for your team.

Brand Voice Builder
Competitor Analyzer


Compare and contrast to gain a competitive edge. 

Define you versus competitors across a range of factors to align your marketing, sales and product teams on how to win. 

We want every marketer to feel and act like a strategic CMO.

Our platform helps you be smarter about marketing by providing the the templates and the guidance with the tools and AI.

Become the greatest version of your marketer self with Frictionless by your side.


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